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Summer 2018 Newsletter


Summer Update 2018

Dear Friends

Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ,

One of the challenges of our ministry has been about waiting / and in that space of waiting remain as hopeful and optimistic as ever. The Psalmist says, “Let no one who waits on you be put to shame” (Psalm 25:3). We have been prayerfully searching for God’s direction, as well as looking for a plot to build a home for the elderly. Now the Lord has provided in his time and we are grateful for that.

‘The promised Land’

We are happy to report to all our supporters that finally BPMR in Rwanda has purchased ½ an hectare piece of land. The family who sold to us, very generously gave an added ½ hectare as a donation, free of any restrictions or conditions. The two halves together, are in same area and they form one unit. This means we have 1 hectare of land adequate for a dwelling for the elderly when we can build. It is located near the capital city and is now in the process of being re- registered so as to allow for a residential area (formerly a farming only). A huge thank you to this family and not least to our BPMR supporters for the funding.

We have paid fees so that a cadastral plan of the area can be sketched out. In this process, the boundaries will have been drawn before the building permission can be obtained. The Notary will sign the necessary papers followed by the lands Registrar issuing the title deeds in the name of Bird of Paradise Ministries in Rwanda. The time scale will not be very long as some of the fees have been paid and paper work is expected to be complete soon. Water pipes are going in and will soon be having running water and is connected to electricity supply already!

We believe God’s hand is in this for very obvious reasons and in particular for this ministry of care and outreach for the elderly.

While we feel excited by this new development, it is still a big challenge to reach the goal of having a place for the elderly. The answer to this challenge is to keep trusting in God. He is faithful and just!


Stephanie (next to Jerome) continues to enjoy relatively good health even at her advanced age. Hadija (next to Stephanie) and Esperance (first from left) also have had mild illnesses. Gaetan (third from left) has had a tough year, first with eye surgery, also with serious high blood pressure. After sometime in hospital, he suffered a minor stroke and is now using a wheelchair. He is undergoing physio for his hip and right leg which we hope it will help him to walk again.

September Visit

We are delighted for another visit to Northern Ireland this September, it is home coming and exciting to see family, friends and supporters. What a privilege to belong to Rwanda and Northern Ireland, the two very beautiful places!

Whilst in Northern Ireland, if you who would like a visit from us for an update of our work we will be delighted to see you. You might like to let Mrs Mavis Spiers know so that it can be on our itinerary.

Harvest and Rain

This has been a season of mixed blessing; on the one hand we’ve had a good crop of maize(not for cows!) and sweet potatoes and on the other we lost a crop of beans (staple food) due to too much rain.

Heavy rains caused deaths in some areas, havoc to roads and destroyed some buildings. Hopefully September might prove more hopeful as a season of planting again.

Again, thank you to all our supporters and looking forward to seeing you in September.

Keep rejoicing in the goodness of Jesus

Yours sincerely in Christ

Jerome and Mary Munyangaju


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