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April 2019 Newsletter

Bird of Paradise Ministries in Rwanda(BPMR)

Caring for the Elderly

April 2019

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Rwanda,

He is alive! Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

We would like to express our sincere thanks for your continuing support for BPMR’s work among the needy elderly of Rwanda. Every year since 1994, from 7th April to July 4th we commemorate 100 days of the painful remembrance of the Genocide against the Tutsi which claimed over a million lives. Here below, we (Jerome and Mary) remember our family members and loved ones who didn’t survive the Genocide. Also this week one of our BPMR residents, Esperance who had lost 6 children in 1994, attended a vigil in her former village and with fellow mourners they recovered the remains from a river and cleaned the bones ready for a proper burial to be held in June this year.

Now after 25 years, sixty percent of the population was born and these young people are realising the impact of this sad history of our country. Some survivors have now become elderly and physically frail, with no family of their own and without basic needs and care. Those in this category of destitute elderly need our urgent help.

Building for the future

Our vision has been to build a centre where homeless and destitute elderly can receive care. As the need has been so acute we offered as a temporary measure, our only home to be used as their residence. Mary and I live with them as house parents and together we are a community. The plan is to build a facility which is more sustainable, permanent, which belongs to them. God has miraculously provided land to build on, which is more than one hectare and we await planning permission. The proposed build is for the first 25 residents in the suburbs of Kigali. The area is sufficient for the project and with fertile soil for growing vegetables for the residents.

Ways to help

The estimated cost of the project is £120,000 as estimated by a quantity surveyor. This amount is required before we can start the work. If you already contribute on a regular basis to BPMR, please consider giving an extra gift for the project. Individuals, groups, and Churches may also sponsor one of the rooms by a donation of £12,000 or £10,000 if Gift Aided.

Ø The Charity Shop

We would like to thank all our hardworking volunteers, supporters and their friends for their continued support of BPMR Charity Shop in Downpatrick. Donations of shop items of all sorts are always welcome.

Ø Belfast Marathon.

A Huge thank you to Dr John Currie, who is running the Belfast marathon 2019 in memory of his beautiful mum Rosemary and his friend Colin who both sadly passed away a year ago. Both Rosemary and Colin had a heart for Rwanda and loved the people here.

We pray that the Lord will bless you and all our BPMR supporters, their families and friends.

Yours sincerely in Christ

Rev Canon Jerome and Mrs Mary Munyangaju

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